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Your Home Is Your Castle! The Customer Focus Insurance Agency will make sure
it’s protected like one!

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life. We can work with you to build a policy that will protect your home and your valuables. We can help restore or replace what you have lost, and compensate those who have been injured as well. We offer a number of coverage options that will protect everything you hold most dear.

Save Money with our Homeowner’s Discounts!

Home/Car Discount

insuring both your Automobile and Homeowners insurance with our agency

Home Security Discount

if you have a home security system

New Home Discount

if you own a home that is less than six years old

Smoke Alarm Discount

if you have smoke alarms in your home Gated Community

Request a home insurance quote to get the coverage that’s best for you.

Renters Insurance through the Customer Focus Insurance Agency protects your personal property for a very affordable price.

Renters insurance is specifically for people who rent their home or apartment. Coverage can help you replace everything you own if a fire destroyed your home or apartment. We will help you be prepared in the event that you need to cover expenses related to fire, theft, or some other catastrophe where you live.


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